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Statement from DGA Executive Director Colm O'Comartun on gubernatorial debate in Washington

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Statement from DGA Executive Director Colm O’Comartun on gubernatorial debate in Washington
Washington, DC – Colm O’Comartun, Executive Director of the Democratic Governors Association, released the following statement following the first gubernatorial debate between Jay Inslee and Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna in Washington State:
“The choice in this election couldn’t be clearer- Washington can choose to move forward with Jay Inslee, who emphasizes jobs and expanding opportunity – or can go backwards with Rob McKenna, who embraced Mitt Romney’s vision of an America with fewer teachers, police officers, and firefighters – and thinks that the collapse of the financial market was the fault of the American taxpayer.
“Just days after Mitt Romney mocked President Obama’s call to put more teachers in our classrooms and cops on our streets, McKenna agreed with him that public sector jobs are not worth saving – even though that sector has been losing jobs for 16 of the last 18 months. And McKenna seems to think that the middle class is to blame for the reckless policies that led to the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression.
While Rob McKenna stuck to Republican platitudes during the debate, Jay Inslee offered a jobs plan that will lead the way in creating 21st century jobs in clean tech, life sciences, and manufacturing. DGA looks forward to supporting Jay in the months to come and shedding light on Rob McKenna’s and Mitt Romney’s failed economic and social agenda.”