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Statement from DGA Chair Governor Peter Shumlin on Anti-Worker Legislation in Michigan

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Washington, DC – Governor Peter Shumlin, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, released the following statement today on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s support of so-called “Right to Work” legislation through the lame-duck session of the state’s legislature:
“The divisive anti-worker legislation that Governor Snyder and Michigan Republicans are pursuing – in a lame-duck session of the legislature, without hearings and with little public feedback – takes the focus squarely off of creating jobs and expanding opportunity, instead demonizing workers’ rights and hurting middle class families.
“Unfortunately, we’ve seen this playbook from Republican Governors before – campaigning on a promise to create jobs and focus on the economy, and instead using their offices to roll back workers’ rights, women’s rights, and even basic voting rights. Governor Snyder himself repeatedly claimed that so-called Right to Work legislation was not a priority for him, and he should make good on his campaign promise of unity by refusing to sign this harmful legislation.
“Democratic governors confront similar challenges as those facing Republican governors like Rick Snyder – balancing budgets and leading our states through challenging times – but Democratic governors remain focused on bringing people together to create jobs and expand opportunity in our states. We won’t continue moving our economy forward by undermining workers’ rights and hurting middle class families.”  

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