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Statement from DGA Chair Governor Martin O’Malley on Romney Encouraging Rick Scott to Downplay Economic Progress in Florida

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Governor Martin O’Malley, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, released the following statement today after news reports indicated Mitt Romney had encouraged Republican Governor Rick Scott to downplay job gains in Florida:
“If we learned anything from today’s revelation that Mitt Romney urged Governor Rick Scott to downplay good economic news in Florida, it’s this: Mitt Romney would rather see the American economy fail before the election than see President Obama win. We’ve seen this same approach from Republicans in Congress, who have blocked the President’s jobs programs all in the name of slowing the economic recovery for partisan gain. Despite this obstruction, we’ve made some critical gains, especially in the private sector, because of the President’s leadership. That’s why we’ve seen Republican governors touting their state economies as a result of the success of the auto rescue, the resurgence of manufacturing, and the growth of our exports. Unlike Mitt Romney, they are willing to acknowledge that we’ve made progress since the economic crisis. Now, as the new leader of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney is not only denying this progress, but asking members of his own party to do so as well. The American people deserve leaders who will root for economic growth, not cynical politicians like Mitt Romney who root for failure.”