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Memo: State of the Georgia Governors Race

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To: Interested Parties

From: Chris Sloan, Senior Campaign Advisor, DGA

Subject: State of the Georgia Governors Race

The Georgia governor’s race is heating up, and Stacey Abrams is in a strong position. Stacey Abrams has continued to build a strong grassroots campaign that is laser-focused on a message focused on Georgia and how together we can create a stronger Georgia.

On the other side, we have a bloody Republican primary that took a new turn last week. The week started with Brian Kemp and David Perdue’s lawyers going head to head in court, fighting over the unconstitutional campaign finance law. David Perdue escalated the fight with a new ad attacking Brian Kemp, making the race even more about die-hard loyalty to Trump instead of focusing on Georgia Families. Brian Kemp responded by releasing an ad, attacking David Perdue for his ties with China.

While there may be 610 miles between Mar A Lago and the Governor’s Mansion, both David Perdue and Brian Kemp are trying to find new and exciting ways to focus on pledging loyalty to a Floridian rather than the ten million plus Georgians.

We know that Brian Kemp and David Perdue only fight for the rich and powerful, leaving them and their friends better off and hard-working Georgians behind. The following lays out how we see both candidates.

David Perdue:

David Perdue has only ever fought for his rich and powerful friends. As the U.S. Senate’s most prolific stock trader, Perdue put his own personal profit before Georgians. He even took advantage of the covid pandemic to improve his finances while at the same time downplaying its dangers publicly and opposing efforts to help regular Americans obtain relief. Perdue profited from outsourcing and layoffs throughout his business career, saying he was “proud” to outsource American jobs to Asian countries like China. And on one of the most critical issues to Georgia voters, health care, Perdue voted to end health coverage for Georgians and provide insurers ways to avoid covering those with pre-existing conditions. And while hard-working Georgians show up every day to provide for their families, David Perdue often didn’t even show up for his job in the Senate.

Brian Kemp:

Brian Kemp has only ever fought for connected insiders and his rich and powerful friends. Kemp failed Georgia throughout the covid pandemic, failing to keep residents safe, distribute vaccines, and support those who needed his support the most. Kemp has consistently made it harder for Georgians – especially Georgians of color – to vote. Kemp has opposed efforts to secure affordable health care, abortion rights, and anti-discrimination protections for Georgians. Kemp is a self-serving businessman who engaged in conflicts of interest to help himself while his company failed to pay Georgia farmers. Kemp has failed Georgians in public office and even turned a blind eye to allegations against his donors’ companies.