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Stacey Abrams’ Massive $9.2 Million Haul Crushes Brian Kemp’s Fundraising in One-Third of the Time

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In a show of major grassroots strength backed by more than 100,000 donors, Stacey Abrams “raised more than $9.2 million since entering the race for governor in December, setting a blistering fundraising pace that eclipsed Republican Gov. Brian Kemp,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this morning.

Even though Abrams only joined the race two months ago, she still surpassed Gov. Brian Kemp’s six-month fundraising haul that Fox News called “massive” and “a major sign of strength.”

Just like every other part of the nasty Republican primary, Kemp and David Perdue have attacked each other over fundraising. Perdue’s campaign filed a lawsuit against Kemp, saying he’s violating the U.S. Constitution, while Kemp fired back with an ethics complaint calling for a “full investigation” of Perdue’s fundraising practices.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “While Brian Kemp and David Perdue tear each other apart and divide their base, Stacey Abrams is building a unified coalition of Georgians. Abrams is rising above the bickering to deliver a bold vision that delivers for everyday working families.”