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SPINELESS: Gillespie Ducks Comey Question, Refuses to Criticize Trump

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After ducking the question multiple times, Ed Gillespie issues vague statement on Comey

Today Ed Gillespie ran for the hills when asked to comment on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. After ducking the question several times this morning, Gillespie finally delivered a 55-word statement devoid of all criticism for Trump’s actions:
“While it is any president’s prerogative to hire or fire an FBI Director, there have been many questions and concerns raised about this decision and I look forward to learning more about its timing and rationale as they’re answered. It’s critical that the American people have faith in the Bureau, its leadership and the Administration.”
While Comey has led the news all day, Gillespie told reporters that he had, “not had a chance to focus on it,” saying he’s been “running and gunning all day.”