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Son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Condemns Kari Lake’s Comments

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After Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter refuted Kari Lake’s claim that Dr. King would be an “America-First Republican” if he were alive today, his son, Martin Luther King, III, is also speaking out. He released the following statement in a press release this morning:

“Kari Lake is trying, and failing I might add, to desperately link her outrageous, unpatriotic behavior, and the behavior of the former President, to those of my father and the men and women on fought for a strong democracy. The fact is that the MAGA agenda represents everything my father was against. He spent his life advocating against it. While the MAGA agenda seeks to disenfranchise voters, especially Black and Brown Americans, my father fought for equal access to the ballot box. While they seek to divide us with fear and hatred, my father wanted peace and to root out hate. Kari Lake can try to enjoin her beliefs with my fathers, but they will never align, and those are the facts. Which is why, just yesterday, I stood shoulder to shoulder with veterans and voting rights advocates in Washington to demand accountability for those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th — the very people Kari Lake empowers to undermine democracy.”