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Some Questions For Jim Justice Ahead Of His State Of The State Address

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Later today, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice will deliver his State Of The State address. Since he has been an abysmal failure as a part-time governor, we had a couple questions:

  • Will Justice leave halfway through his address to defend his many businesses in court even though he called governing a “full-time responsibility?
  • Will Justice call for raising taxes again on West Virginians even as he refuses to pay his own taxes and cut higher education?
  • Will Justice come up with a plan to fix the roads? Or is that not high on his priority list since he jets around West Virginia at taxpayer expense?
  • Will he introduce an anti-corruption bill so that one of his company representatives no longer has special access to the capitol building? Or to set stricter rules so elected officials like himself don’t use their government position for their own personal profit?
  • Will Justice address the bipartisan calls for him to resign from office since he is “an embarrassment” and a “narcissistic opportunist”?
  • Will Justice announce any plans to address the concerns of members of his own party who express “no confidence” in his failed leadership?

Jim Justice loves using props at his press conferences. For the State of the State, we know the perfect visual aid to represent his failed, absent leadership: cow poop.