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“Some Folks Need Killing!”: Mark Robinson’s Latest Dangerous and Violent Rant

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“Some Folks Need Killing!”: Mark Robinson’s Latest Dangerous and Violent Rant

A new report from the New Republic revealed video footage of Mark Robinson going on a dangerous rant, where he alluded to endorsing political violence, saying “Some folks need killing!” and “It’s time for somebody to say it. It’s not a matter of vengeance. It’s not a matter of being mean or spiteful. It’s a matter of necessity!”

The New Republic continued: “Robinson might try to argue that he only meant that our enemies during World War II—and torturers and murderers and rapists today—deserve ‘killing.’ But the sum total of his remarks plainly suggests otherwise. He seemed to analogize the need to kill World War II enemies to the need to kill enemies in the present, enemies who harbor ‘evil intent,’ enemies conservatives are struggling against ‘now.’”

In fact, Robinson claimed, “We now find ourselves struggling with people who have evil intent.” But even more alarming, NC Newsline added that Robinson’s campaign “did not respond to a question about who the people with ‘evil intent’ are that Robinson alluded to immediately prior to the ‘killing’ comments.”

This is just the latest in Robinson’s long record of pushing extreme and violent rhetoric. He has previously declared “it’s time to stand up and fight” federal law enforcement, said he has an AR-15 in case the government gets “too big for its britches,” and defended the Kent State Massacre and mocked school shooting survivors, while also posting memes mocking other dangerous real-life examples of political violence.

“After calling for violence against federal law enforcement and spreading hateful conspiracy theories, Mark Robinson is continuing his pattern of chaos, hate, and violence,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “His continuing calls for political violence are incredibly serious, deeply dangerous and he must immediately answer more questions explaining who he was targeting.”

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