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Silent Susana

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Silent Susana

Trump Rallies Turn Violent, Martinez Stays Silent

This weekend, Donald Trump’s rallies erupted in a wave of violence, as the controversy deepened over his remarks disparaging Mexican-Americans, Muslims and women.

Meanwhile, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez continued her vow of silence on Trump’s nomination. Since March 1, the Chair of the Republican Governors Association has refused to answer reporters’ questions on whether she’d support Trump if he wins the nomination.

In a speech Saturday in Santa Fe, Democratic Governors Association Chair and Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy called on Martinez to break her silence on Trump. Martinez has yet to respond.

“While Donald Trump becomes more and more toxic, Governor Martinez still refuses to stand up to the Republican front-runner,” said Jared Leopold, DGA Communications Director. “It’s been two weeks since Governor Martinez was asked whether she would support Trump as the nominee. Her silence is deafening.”

While Martinez’s silence persists, others in the Republican Party have come out against Trump:

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker: “I said that I wasn’t going to vote for Donald Trump yesterday, and I didn’t, and I am not going to vote for him in November.” [3/2/16]

Nebraska U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse: “If Trump becomes the Republican nominee my expectation is that I’ll look for some 3rd candidate — a conservative option, a Constitutionalist…I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, and given what we know about Donald Trump, I can’t vote for that guy either…If we got to a place where those are the two major party nominees, and I certainly hope that they’re not, I’d have to look for a third-party option.” [2/29/16

Fmr. Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney: “I’ll either vote for a conservative who runs or I’ll write in the name of a conservative,” Romney said during an interview on the Fox Business Network. “I cannot in good conscience vote for a person who has been as degrading and disruptive and unhinged as I’ve seen Donald Trump be.” [3/4/16]