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SHUMLIN: Corbett Has Hit The Middle Class "In The Teeth"

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On MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, slammed Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett for cutting $1 billion from education while cutting taxes for Pennsylvania’s wealthiest at the expense of the middle class and the Commonwealth’s economic future.  Governor Shumlin said that Tom Wolf is an “extraordinary candidate” who will bring a fresh start and effective leadership to Harrisburg to reverse the damage Corbett has done to working people.
Watch the video here
SHUMLIN: Let’s take Pennsylvania where we had an extraordinary win last night.  Tom Wolf is an extraordinary candidate.  Bottom line is if you look at Governor Corbett in Pennsylvania, his numbers are in the tank.  They’re in the tank because since he’s been governor, Pennsylvania in terms of job creation has gone from 7th in the nation to 47th in the nation, that’s a state where he has slashed $1 billion from education, decimated schools, not helped working families in fact hurt working families whiles he’s cut taxes for the wealthiest of Pennsylvanians and hurt the working folks of Pennsylvania.  While he’s done that, he’s also said, hey, you know, gay marriage, marriage equality is the equivalent of incest.  He’s taken legal action to stop marriage equality in Pennsylvania, he has ensured that really the folks who desperately need to be lifted up in this economy, the middle class, working Pennsylvanians who are working hard have been hit in the teeth.  We’ve got a great candidate saying I’m going to restore education, I’m going to pay for it – the billion dollars in cuts – I’m going to pay for it by taxing the oil companies and the gas companies that are doing just fine in Pennsylvania right now and change the dynamic so that working, middle class families have a shot.