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#ShoreMoreYears: New DGA Twitter Campaign Highlights Guadagno’s Inescapable Ties to Beach-Bound Christie 

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No Day At The Beach for Guadagno Campaign Defending Christie’s Failed Leadership 

Just when it looked like Chris Christie’s legacy couldn’t loom any larger over the New Jersey governor’s race, he outdid himself over the long weekend. The governor earned national headlines and ridicule for catching some rays on a beach closed by a government shutdown of his own creation. It got so bad that even his own Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno made a last minute attempt to distance herself from her boss.

On Thursday, the Democratic Governors Association launched a new Twitter campaign – #ShoreMoreYears – to highlight Guadagno’s inescapable ties to the man at the center of Beachgate.

Guadagno has spent 7.5 years serving with Christie’s deeply unpopular administration. In 2015, she told the Associated Press she and Christie were “completely together on every issue.” And as she began eyeing a run for governor, she said she was, “proud to be part of this administration.” 

“Wherever Kim Guadagno goes, her record in the disastrous Christie administration will follow,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The #ShoreMoreYears campaign will remind New Jersey residents that Kim Guadagno would be another 4 years of the arrogant Christie-Guadagno policies that led to Bridgegate and Beachgate. Kim Guadagno could run the length of the Jersey Shore, but she’ll never be able to escape her record of being Chris Christie’s partner in failure.” 

Examples of the DGA Twitter campaign:


In 2015, Guadagno Said She and Christie were “Completely Together On Every Issue.” According to the Associated Press, “Guadagno told The Associated Press she doesn’t see any change in either her role or how the state operates now that Christie is a presidential candidate. ‘The way we set this up for the first time was so that we were completely together on every issue,’ Guadagno said. ‘We have one communications office; we have one policy office, one briefing office, one scheduling office. We all work together to make decisions in the governor’s office and so I don’t see any difference quite frankly.’” [Associated Press, 7/11/15] 

In 2009, Guadagno Said, “I’m Proud to Be a Part of the Christie Administration.” According to, “In winning the nod, Guadagno beat out two better-established Republicans: Bergen County Clerk Kathleen Donovan and state Sen. Diane Allen of Burlington County. ‘I’m proud to be a part of the Christie administration,’ Guadagno said, surrounded by her three sons and local political leaders at a news conference on the Asbury Park boardwalk.” [, 7/20/09 

In 2016, Guadagno Said, “I’m a Part of this Administration. I’m Proud to Be Part of this Administration.” According to the Associated Press, “Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno have not aired any disagreements in public during their 6 1/2 years in office as New Jersey’s governor and lieutenant governor, but Guadagno says that doesn’t mean she and Christie are always on the same page. ‘I’m a part of this administration. I’m proud to be part of this administration.’” Guadagno said. [Associated Press, 8/18/16

 The Record Noted that “For Most of Christie’s Second Term, “Guadagno has been the Face of the Administration.” According to The Record, “For most of Christie’s second term, Guadagno has been the face of the administration, but not the voice. While Christie set up the groundwork across the nation for his presidential run, Guadagno went to ribbon cuttings. When Christie went full time on the campaign trail, Guadagno went from county to county, meeting and greeting.” [The Record, 10/28/16]