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SHOCK: Baker Won’t Ask Christie to Release Pay-to-Play Finding

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In last night’s debate, Charlie Baker was pressed by Jim Braude on whether he thought RGA Chair Chris Christie should release the findings of a New Jersey pay-to-play investigation involving Baker instead of waiting until after the election. Baker had the opportunity to be transparent and call on Christie to release the findings, but instead said it wasn’t in his control.
“Republican Charlie Baker could have called on Governor Christie to release the findings of the pay-to-play investigation to show he wasn’t engaged in unethical activity, but instead chose to hide behind the excuse that it’s out of his control,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh. “The truth is that Baker could push Christie to prove his shady insider deal was above board. But instead, he’s hiding the details and trying to run out the clock because he knows voters want a governor who will fight for middle-class families, not one who will fight to enrich himself and his wealthy pals.”
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BRAUDE: “The reports today, Chris Christie and the Treasurer of New Jersey, who is appointed by Chris Christie, is a supporter of yours, is holding up the release of the investigation about this pay-to-play thing until several days after the election in Massachusetts, would you use this opportunity to urge Christie and the Treasurer to disclose whatever their investigation is?”
BAKER: “I can’t control.”
BRAUDE: “No but would you ask them to do that?”
BAKER: “They’re doing an investigation and I stay as far away from it as I can possibly get which is appropriate.  They’ll issue the report whenever they issue it.”