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Shawn Moody Can’t Outrun His Record of Climate Change Denial

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In last night’s Maine gubernatorial debate, Republican Shawn Moody desperately contorted himself and tried to escape his own record of denying climate science, but Mainers know the truth.
Earlier this year at a Republican primary debate, when asked whether he believed the science of climate change,Moody responded, “No.”
And in a debate just last week, Moody couldn’t answer for that record of denying climate change. Instead, he “laughed and gave a hedging response.”
Moody ignores the science of climate change despite scientists at Acadia National Park sounding the alarm on the effects of climate change in Maine. According to them, rising sea levels and more severe weather will further aggravate the $60 million maintenance backlog. That means more crumbling roads, damaged parks, all the while more people visit the park.
Earlier this month, Moody told a group of Maine fishermen (yes really, people whose livelihood is impacted dramatically by climate change) not to “overreact” to the issue.
“Shawn Moody can’t escape his record of denying climate change, no matter how hard he tries,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Climate change is affecting Maine’s economy every day. Mainers deserve a governor who believes in science and will take action on climate change. They can see right through Moody’s political contortions.”