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Scott Walker Sounds the Alarm for GOP in Wisconsin, Nationwide

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Wisconsin Governor and former RGA Chair Scott Walker has been making the rounds lately to sound the alarm on the GOP’s prospects in 2018, both in Wisconsin and nationwide.
This weekend, the AP reported that, “Walker has made clear he sees worrisome signs for the GOP and the hard-line conservatism that’s marked his eight years in office. Wisconsin, which helped hand the White House to Republicans, is looking for something different, Walker has said, and Democrats are motivated.”
Walker’s campaign has hit the panic button, retooling its fundraising, rewriting its call scripts and fundraising pitches, doubling its field offices, even emailing donors “We could lose,” according to Politico.
Earlier this year, Walker called a Democratic victory in Wisconsin’s Republican-leaning Senate district “a wake-up call.”
Following Governor Ralph Northam’s massive victory in Virginia last year, CNN reported that Walker and the RGA “fear a 2018 midterm wipeout after Virginia loss,” and “haven’t figured out what to do about an increasingly toxic national political environment that led to a surge in Democratic support in the Virginia suburbs.”
“It’s rare that we at the DGA agree with Governor Walker, but he’s right to be deeply worried about his own reelection prospects as well as those of his Republican colleagues across the country,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Democrats in Wisconsin and nationwide are energized and ready for change. Scott Walker has spent his two terms as governor jockeying for the national spotlight while failing Wisconsin. All the panicking campaign reboots in the world won’t convince voters to trust him with a third.”