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Scott Jensen Brags He’ll Fire the Doctors Investigating His Own Medical License if Elected Governor

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“We’ll Take Care of That Juggernaut.”

Scott Jensen is openly threatening political retaliation against Minnesota’s Board of Medical Practice, a board of doctors investigating whether Jensen, a rampant COVID denier and anti-vax conspiracy theorist, is actually qualified to be a licensed doctor.

At a campaign event, Jensen bragged to supporters that he’d fire the doctors on the board, saying, “if I get elected in November, do you think their jobs are secure?” He added, “I promise you guys we’ll take care of that juggernaut.”

Jensen has flaunted the fact that his medical license is under investigation for touting anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and disproven methods of treating COVID. Now, he’s also touting his revenge plot against public officials.

The outrage sparked over Jensen’s unethical comments tops off a terrible week for the Jensen-Birk ticket. Last week, the ticket was hit for spreading lies on the campaign trail and had their abysmal fundraising numbers exposed.

“Not only is Scott Jensen a conspiracy theory-touting extremist, his top priority as governor is exacting revenge against the doctors investigating him for being a conspiracy theory-touting extremist,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Jensen’s dangerous far-right agenda and his passion for political retaliation have no place in the governor’s office.”