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Scott Jensen and Running Mate Voice Disturbing Views on Abortion, Women’s Rights

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Jensen’s Running Mate: “They Always Want to Go to the Rape Card”

New and disturbing comments from GOP nominee for governor in Minnesota Scott Jensen and his running mate are shedding light on just how dangerous the Jensen-Birk ticket is for Minnesotans’ reproductive rights.

In a previously unreported video, Matt Birk addresses the National Right to Life Conference in Georgia on the day that Roe v. Wade was overturned. In the video, Birk equates a rape survivor’s choice to end their pregnancy to the rape itself, saying  “two wrongs won’t make a right.” He also says our culture “promotes abortion” by telling women they should “have careers,” laments how pro-choice advocates “always want to go to the rape card,” compares abortion to slavery, and jokes “women used to not be able to vote in our country, now we let them drive!”

Meanwhile Scott Jensen, who previously said he’d “ban abortion,” recently opposed abortion even for victims of rape and incest because “you don’t necessarily have the chance to prove that.”

“These disturbing comments from the Jensen-Birk ticket are just the latest evidence of how dangerous they would be to reproductive freedoms and women’s rights,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Scott Jensen should immediately apologize for these horrific remarks that belittle and stigmatize survivors of sexual assault and rape.”