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‘Scorched Earth’ Primary Now Playing on TV Across Georgia with Kemp Launching Attack Ads Against Perdue

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Less than two weeks since David Perdue announced he’s running for governor, Brian Kemp is taking the “scorched earth” GOP primary to new heights by launching the first tv ad of the primary – a nasty attack on Perdue for his long record of shipping Georgia jobs overseas.

Rather than try to defend his history of refusing to expand health care for Georgians and underfunding schools, Kemp is entering the airwaves slamming Perdue for his self-dealing corporate record and escalating the infighting in what was already a brutal and divisive primary battle.

Kemp is evidently concerned about keeping his job amid slipping poll numbers showing the race in a “dead heat” and a ratings change from Cook Political Report from Lean Republican to Toss Up.

Meanwhile, David Perdue is also stepping up his attacks on Brian Kemp and recently released internal polling showing Perdue beating Kemp by three points in a memo claiming he was “primed to defeat Kemp”.

It’s only been 10 days since David Perdue hopped in and Brian Kemp is already launching attack ads that will bring their GOP civil war into living rooms across Georgia,” DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “This is just the latest proof that no matter who survives the brutal primary, both Kemp and Perdue will unable to escape their toxic records that make them even more vulnerable.”