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Schuette Caught “Blowing Smoke” About His Record

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Schuette’s Top Accomplishment is ‘Mostly Inaccurate’

Yesterday, Bridge Magazine’s Truth Squad published an investigation showing that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette repeatedly exaggerated the power of his office, while taking credit for work he didn’t do. The report showed that Schuette is misleading voters about his involvement in several legal cases and legislative issues, just to score political points.
The Schuette campaign often points to two legal cases that he “successfully” brought against the federal government. He’s lying about both. He actually lost one of them:
Schuette is blowing smoke when he says he “successfully sued” the EPA to stop its mercury standards. Those limits are in fact now in place, as Michigan utilities have invested billions of dollars upgrading coal plants while closing others…The high court ultimately declined to revisit a lower court ruling upholding them. Put another way: He lost.
And the other case was joined by his predecessor. He had nothing to do with the decision:
As for the lawsuit opposing the EPA’s greenhouse gas limits, it’s hard to justify Schuette’s claim he “successfully sued” on this case. He didn’t file to join the suit –that was his predecessor. 
Schuette also claims that he “successfully fought” a transportation bill put forth by the Snyder administration. But all Schuette really did was put out a press release expressing concerns with the proposal. It was voters who actually rejected it:
The assertion that he “successfully fought” Proposal 1 is a stretch. The statement implies his opposition was somehow instrumental in its defeat…The evidence suggests the cumbersome measure fell of its own weight, and not because a high-ranking public official issued a press release against it.
Schuette ultimately received a “mostly inaccurate” for his claims. Embarrassing.
“It’s clear all Bill Schuette cares about is making himself look good, facts be damned,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Throughout his career, Schuette has been more interested in political posturing than actually getting results for Michigan families. He should stop lying to voters about his overinflated record.”