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SCHAUER: We’ll Create An Economy That Works For Everyone, Not Just The Wealthy

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On “The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd” this morning, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer discussed the need for a Michigan economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy. Rick Snyder cut taxes for companies, even if they shipped jobs overseas, and paid for it by cutting $1 billion dollars from schools and raising taxes on seniors. As governor, Schauer will restore those cuts, reverse the Snyder retirement tax, and create an economy that works for the middle class.
Watch the video here:
TODD: What is Governor Snyder’s fireable offense?
SCHAUER: This is a governor who cut a billion dollars from public education, raised taxes on seniors, and has produced one of the worst economies in the country.  I mean, we are projected to be 49 out of 50 in job growth in the next ten years. We need an economy that works for everyone and not just the wealthy. That’s why this governor is extremely unpopular –  he’s stuck in the mid-40s, the NBC/Marist polls shows we are in a dead tie, and as you said there are still a lot of people who haven’t met me yet, don’t know my commitment to public education, that I’ve always fought for the middle class, when I was in Congress I helped rescue the auto industry. And we are going to create an economy to work for everyone and not just the wealthy.