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Say Anything, Governor

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Rauner Again Refuses To Comment On Trumpcare Bill That Would Kick 1 Million Illinoisans Off Insurance

Yesterday, the entire Federal Democratic delegation of Illinois asked Governor Rauner, for the fourth time, to weigh in on the Republican Health Care Repeal.

The delegation warned that passage of the U.S. House’s overhaul would:

  • Cost the state $40 billion in federal Medicaid funding (which the state does not have);
  • Balloon costs for pre-retirement adults and people with pre-existing conditions;
  • Reduce economic activity by billions, “resulting in a loss of up to 60,000 jobs;”
  • And kick more than 1 million Illinoisans off insurance.

Rauner’s administration responded in what has become typical of his leadership style:

“Rauner spokeswoman Eleni Demertzis on Tuesday declined to say specifically what the governor had done to voice concerns as the ACA overhaul is considered in the Senate and whether he had joined the Republican governors’ joint effort.”

Greg Hinz, of Crain’s Chicago, reported last month on efforts made by him and others to extract an answer from Governor Rauner’s office:

“I’ve now tried for a good two months to get the Rauner folks to detail the economic impact to the budget of what’s being discussed. No answer.

I’ve asked them if, like Walker, he’s open to some of those waivers on pre-existing conditions and other matters. No answer.

I’ve asked them what the governor wants and doesn’t want in the legislation. No answer.

How about those waivers? ‘I don’t want to speculate yet.’ The cost to the state? ‘That depends on the final bill.’ Any message to people who are scared? ‘It’s premature to speculate.’”

Say anything, Governor, because people’s lives may be dependent on it.

“Governor Rauner cannot simply abandon his leadership role in federal issues for political expediency,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Whether it’s healthcare, environmental measures, or simply if he thinks Donald Trump is a good President, Governor Bruce Rauner has dodged the tough question. Bruce Rauner’s refusal to stand up to Donald Trump and Washington Republicans is a failure of leadership, and is only hurting Illinois families.”