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Rumors No More. Tim Pawlenty Is In Trouble

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After Tim Pawlenty launched a brutal attack on GOP-endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson, people were left wondering why the former governor and D.C. lobbyist would use his first TV ad to attack Jeff Johnson.
Well now we have an answer. It seems that Pawlenty’s strategy of hanging out in D.C., schmoozing in the swamp, and relying on corporate donors to carry him through the primary isn’t what Minnesotans are looking for. Who knew?
Now Pawlenty faces a fight he didn’t anticipate, and Johnson is clearly surging. It’s no wonder Pawlenty used his first ad of the cycle to attack Johnson.
This is what Blois Olson, writer of the prominent Morning Take, had to say about the race:
INSIGHT: According to a handful of top Republican donors polling has shown that the Pawlenty and Johnson too close for comfort considering the massive fundraising advantage that Pawlenty has. One donor said that Pawlenty’s money should be able to grow a lead in a few weeks, but Pawlenty’s team couldn’t take Johnson for granted as they originally had planned.
“Turns out, living in Washington D.C. as a lobbyist for five years isn’t how you win a Republican primary in Minnesota,” says Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “While Tim Pawlenty and Jeff Johnson are spending the next month attacking each other and making foolhardy promises like eliminating Medicaid expansion, everyday Minnesotans will be looking for a governor that is focused on bettering their lives.”
Watch TPaw’s attack ad HERE: