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ROUNDUP: Martinez Can’t Escape Trump in Home-state Headlines

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ROUNDUP: Martinez Can’t Escape Trump in Home-state Headlines 

RGA Chair’s silence on Trump makes headlines in New Mexico 

Republican Governors Association Chair Susana Martinez is still refusing to say if she would support Donald Trump for president, and her silence is not going unnoticed. 

Today, Gov. Martinez’s ducking on Trump was covered in headlines across New Mexico. 

Several Republican leaders, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have fallen behind Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee. Martinez – the chair of the Republican Governors Association – is still scrambling over this simple question: Will you support Donald Trump for president? 

When asked about her support for Trump, a Martinez spokesman told the Albuquerque Journal, “As the governor has said many times, she will not vote for Hillary Clinton.” 

Amid her silence on Trump, the Democratic Governors Association named Martinez as an original member of “The Silent 9” GOP governors who have refused to answer if they would support Donald Trump on the ballot in November.  

Check out some A1 coverage from today’s newspapers: 

Albuquerque Journal (5/5/16)

NM_AJ 050516 (Martinez not ready for Trump)

Sante Fe New Mexican (5/5/16)

NM_SFNM 050516 (Martinez not ready for Trump)[8]


Santa Fe New Mexican: As GOP divisions grow, Martinez remains silent on Trump endorsement [5/4/16]

 “As soon as Donald Trump won the Indiana primary Tuesday, effectively cinching the Republican nomination for president, calls amplified for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association, to say whether she’ll support Trump in the general election.

But Martinez, who at least in public has remained steadfastly mum on whether she’ll back the celebrity billionaire, stayed that way on Wednesday.”

“In recent days, as the likelihood of Trump’s nomination grew stronger, many Republican officeholders decided to get behind him.”

Albuquerque Journal: Gov. Martinez not endorsing Trump – at least not yet [5/4/16] 

“Gov. Susana Martinez continues to be mentioned as a possible Republican running mate for Donald Trump, but she still isn’t ready to endorse his candidacy.”

“The Washington Post reported last month  Martinez and Haley both blasted Trump during a lunch attended by about 60 Republican donors,”

“Trump’s new status as the presumptive nominee is apparently tying many Republicans in political knots.”

Associated Press: New Mexico governor stays mum as Trump advances [5/4/16]

“New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is declining to say whether she will vote for Donald Trump now that he is the presumptive Republican nominee for president. […] Martinez is a prominent Republican fundraiser in New Mexico and nationwide as chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association, a fundraising arm of the GOP.”