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ROUNDUP: Koster Lands Historic Endorsement in MO-Gov

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ROUNDUP: Koster Lands Historic Endorsement in MO-Gov

Missouri Farm Bureau supports Democratic candidate for first time ever

On Friday, Attorney General Chris Koster landed a historic endorsement from the Missouri Farm Bureau, becoming the first statewide Democratic candidate supported by the group in their 40-year history of offering political endorsements.

The endorsement comes as a significant boost to Koster’s campaign for governor, which will now be backed by one of Missouri’s biggest voices of the state’s agricultural industry. On Monday, Koster also earned the support the Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA).

Here’s what’s being said about Koster’s historic support from Missouri’s agricultural industry:

Associated Press: Democrat Koster wins Missouri Farm Bureau endorsement

“Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster secured a major endorsement Friday for his gubernatorial campaign, becoming the first Democratic statewide candidate to win the backing of one of the state’s most formidable agricultural organizations.


“Until Koster, the group had never backed a statewide Democratic candidate in its 40 years of making endorsements.” [8/5/16]

Kansas City Star: Democrat Chris Koster wins Missouri Farm Bureau endorsement in governor’s race

“Koster winning the endorsement of the conservative-leaning Missouri Farm Bureau is a big disappointment for Greitens, who emerged victorious from a four-way Republican primary Tuesday.” [8/5/16]

KTVI (Jefferson City): Chris Koster wins Missouri Farm Bureau endorsement

“Farm Bureau president Blake Hurst said Koster’s experience in state government, his knowledge of farm issues, and his service to government played a role in the decision by the bureau’s political action committee.” [8/5/16]

Troy Messenger, St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“In rural Missouri, the fact that @MO_Farm_Bureau is endorsing @Koster4Missouri moves a lot of GOP votes his way. Big loss for @EricGreitens” [8/5/16]

Morris Heitman, MCGA President:

“Attorney General Koster’s record of supporting agriculture is unquestionable. We are confident he will continue to work in the best interest of Missouri’s farm families and are proud to support him in the race for Missouri governor.” [8/8/16]

Attorney General Chris Koster:

“I am proud to stand with Missouri’s corn growers and grateful for their endorsement. The Missouri Corn Growers Association is a tremendous advocate for its members and Missouri’s farming communities in general. I will continue to ensure our state’s number one industry is able to grow, which will create good paying jobs all across rural Missouri.” [8/8/16]