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Roundup: Georgia’s Ugly GOP Runoff Continues

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We’re now just three weeks into Georgia’s Republican runoff between Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Sec of State Brian Kemp, and the nasty attacks have more than lived up to the hype. The two candidates have lobbed bombs at each other daily, digging up old votes, attacking surrogates, and airing whatever other dirty laundry they can find. When words like “sexual predators” dominate the debate, you know the campaign is already in the gutter.
“The Republican runoff in Georgia is quickly turning into one of the nastiest in Georgia’s history,” said DGA spokesman Alex Japko. “It’s clear nothing is off limits between Cagle and Kemp, and they’re not holding back. While the Republican Party is busy tearing itself down, Stacey Abrams is focused on building an inclusive economy that creates opportunity for all Georgians.”
Here’s a roundup of some coverage of their daily dustups on the campaign trail:
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A battle between Cagle, Kemp allies leads to ‘sexual predators’ claim 

As if you needed another sign the Georgia GOP runoff is getting heavy: Shortly after Brian Kemp’s campaign announced state Rep. David Clark would head his veterans coalition, a top surrogate for Casey Cagle took aim at him. With language equating his vote against her bill to support for “sexual predators.” 
“Same guy who votes for sexual predators preying on young children being bought & sold for sex,” Unterman tweeted of Clark. She added the hashtag “makesyouwonder.” 

Albany Herald Columnist Carlton Fletcher: Cagle, Kemp trying to ‘out-conservative’ each other

Cagle and Kemp are now engaged in a high-dollar runoff campaign with televised ads that, while entertaining in a so-bad-you-can’t-not-watch kind of way, have helped reinforce that commonly held outsider stereotype of the South being filled with ignorant hillbillies whose intelligence level hovers somewhere close to single digits. And while I’m certain some wrong-headed PR types are the ones who came up with the current embarrassing ads, it’s Cagle’s and Kemp’s names that are attached to those campaigns.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: New Cagle ad snipes at Kemp: ‘Get that big truck outta here.’ 

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is getting steady use out of a Secretary of State Brian Kemp lookalike. His campaign for governor launched an ad over the weekend mocking Kemp’s macho pickup truck, featuring a stammering knockoff Kemp trying to explain to an elderly voter his record as the state’s top election official. The exasperated voter ends the 30-second spot with an admonishment: “Shame on you, Brian Kemp. Get that big truck outta here.” 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A new gun fight erupts in race for GOP race for governor 

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle dug deep into Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s voting record, slamming his rival in the GOP runoff for governor for a vote on gun rights legislation while both were in the state Senate. 
The divide involves a failed 2003 measure that would have repealed a law that allowed the governor to suspend the sale of guns to some Georgians during a state of emergency. Kemp was one of six Republicans who voted to table the measure, while Cagle supported it.