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Roundup: Dem Govs Condemn SCOTUS Ruling on Janus, Vow to Protect Workers’ Rights

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Today, Democratic governors loudly denounced the Supreme Court’s decision to weaken public sector unions and curtail the rights of American workers to organize.
DGA Chair Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: 
“Once again, this conservative-majority court sided with anti-worker forces and issued a ruling designed to undermine public sector unions. The reality is that all workers benefit from strong unions and their bargaining activities. Washington has been and will remain a state that believes in and supports the rights of all workers to organize, in both the public and private sector. Organized labor fights for Washington state’s strong middle class. Thankfully, the working men and women in Washington state are resilient, and we are confident organized labor will come through this fight stronger than before.”
DGA Vice Chair Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo:
“Rhode Island workers: I have your back. Labor built our middle class, and when our unions are strong, Rhode Island is strong. This decision is wrong-headed, but we will not be deterred — I will never stop fighting for our workers.”
DGA Policy Chair New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:
“The Supreme Court just did what Republicans and big business have sought to do for years—attempt to undermine the strength of the labor movement. But not here in New York. Not now, not never. Let me be clear: the flame of the labor movement burns stronger than ever here in New York. So long as I am governor, New York will continue to do everything in our power to protect and strengthen organized labor and deliver on the promise of the American Dream.”
Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy: 
“It is another troubling milestone in a long-term effort to diminish the efficacy of organized labor groups – and by extension working families. It is no coincidence that as union membership has declined, income inequality has drastically increased, and today’s Supreme Court decision will only exacerbate that trend.”
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton:
 “The US Supreme Court’s decision today in the case of Janus v. AFSCME is appalling. Its determination that fair share union fees somehow violate the US Constitution is just the kind of terrible ‘Judicial Activism,’ which some Justices profess to deplore.”
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock 
“The US Supreme Court just overturned 40 years of settled law that workers, employers and unions across the country rely on. All the more ironic, the 5-4 decision cited Citizens United as a reason to do so.”
Hawaii Gov. David Ige
“I’m disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule a case that for 41 years allowed states to negotiate labor contracts that protected workers’ rights and led to the efficient delivery of government services. Fortunately, Hawaiʻi’s Constitution affords strong protections for workers compared to other states. I hope Hawaiʻi’s workers see the value of union representation and continue to voluntarily support the work of the unions.”
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf:
“When people can come together and use their voices, we all benefit. And when workers are silenced, families pay the price and the economy becomes more rigged for the rich and powerful. This case was driven by special interests trying to maximize their own profit at the expense of families, and the Court’s ruling is just the latest effort to deny workers the dignity and respect they deserve.”
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown:
“The Janus ruling tips the scale in favor of wealthy special interests, yet again. Unions led the fights to raise the minimum wage, ensure fair pay and treatment in the workplace, and expand access to healthcare. In Oregon, we’ll continue fighting for workers rights.”
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy
“This disappointing Janus decision does not in any way diminish our administration’s commitment to protecting the right of public sector employees to organize. We stand firm with our labor unions and labor organizations to advocate and protect members’ rights as we did with the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act I signed in May. Supporting strong unions is a critical part of making New Jersey’s economy work for everyone.”