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Round-up: What Republicans Say About Jim Justice

Latest News

“The ethical problems of this administration will soon become obvious.”  [WV GOP, 7/12/17]
“Jim Justice has repeatedly chosen to ignore unpaid bills or taxes, and instead stick small businesses or taxpayers with the check.” [RGA, 1/12/16]
“Jim Justice’s trail of delinquency proves he is only for himself” [RGA, 6/2/16]
“Jim Justice is still a deadbeat. … He claimed he’d pay his taxes. He hasn’t.” [WV GOP, 2/21/17]
“Jim Justice has routinely failed to pay his taxes, fines and bills, hurting West Virginians.” [RGA, 6/23/16]
“An irresponsible businessman.” [RGA, 9/12/16]
“A selfish businessman who consistently puts his interests before anyone else’s, especially taxpayers.” [RGA, 11/10/15]
“West Virginia Democrat Jim Justice claimed at Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate that he does not have enough money available to pay the $15 million in back taxes and fines he owes,” [RGA, 10/13/16]
“Jim Justice embarrasses our state every single day,” [WV GOP, 7/13/17]
“There are no handshake agreements you can make with a dishonest player like this Governor.” [WV GOP, 7/12/17]
“Jim Justice just can’t seem to keep his word.” [RGA, 5/9/16]
WV Senate President Carmichael: “The people of West Virginia deserve better. I don’t believe anybody who owes this state $4.5 million in unpaid taxes is in a position to tell a legislative body that has responsibly managed its own budget for decades – and has given back several million dollars to the state’s General Revenue Fund – how to spend a single penny.” [WOWK, 7/26/17]