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Ron on the Run: DeSantis Goes Missing

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Politico Florida: DeSantis ‘Fell Off the Radar’ After Racial Controversy

Just days into the general election, Florida GOP gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis has pulled a Harry Houdini: disappeared into thin air.
Politico reports on the state of race, writing that “Ron DeSantis fell off the radar” in the wake of DeSantis’ dog-whistle launch of his campaign. A Republican close to the DeSantis campaign told Politico that DeSantis “wasn’t ready for being called a racist” and he “just didn’t know how to talk about it.”
DeSantis was no shrinking violet, having appeared ad nauseum on Fox News over the past years. But he’s only given two interviews since the comments on Wednesday.
“Ron DeSantis’ campaign is in panic mode,” Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold. “DeSantis has gone into hiding after he was called out for his offensive comments. The contrast is stark: While Andrew Gillum is publicly discussing his positive vision for Florida, Ron DeSantis has mysteriously gone silent.”
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