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Ron DeSantis’ Surgeon General Nominee Won’t Say Whether He’s Vaccinated

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In the latest example of Gov. Ron DeSantis putting politics ahead of Floridians, his nominee for surgeon general is siding with anti-vaccine extremists that are prolonging the pandemic by refusing to say if he’s been vaccinated after being kicked out of the office of a state senator with cancer for refusing to wear a mask.

Politico reports that Joseph Ladapo “has adamantly opposed most Covid-19 safety measures taken throughout the pandemic,” and hewill not say if he’s been vaccinated against coronavirus.” He has also publicly questioned the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and masking.

DeSantis’ pick is dangerous — as surgeon general, Ladapo would oversee the Florida Department of Health, the lead agency in Florida’s fight against COVID. A day after his appointment, Ladapo repealed required quarantines for schoolchildren exposed to COVID.

It’s no surprise DeSantis nominated a conspiracy theorist to join his crusade against safety for Floridians, especially children. DeSantis himself staunchly opposes mask mandates in schools and has deemphasized the efficacy of vaccines.

As the Delta variant surged in Florida to a “crisis of unprecedented proportions” this summer, DeSantis was criticized by more than 800 in-state doctors, parents, major industries, and front-line workers for his negligence.

“Instead of doing his job to keep Floridians safe, it is unacceptable for Ron DeSantis’ surgeon general nominee to side with anti-vaccine extremists who are prolonging the pandemic and refuse to say whether he’s vaccinated,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Ron DeSantis’ reckless extremism has caused countless deaths already, and his pick for surgeon general only confirms that he cares more about his own politics and anti-vaxx conspiracies than looking out for Floridians and putting an end to this pandemic.”