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Ron DeSantis’ Plan for Health Care Is…Uh…Fewer Buildings?

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21 days until Election Day. 260 days of no health care plan from Ron DeSantis. Until today, when DeSantis was confronted, once again, with his missing health care plan for Florida.
He still didn’t have an answer for Floridians. But, he did bizarrely say health care is expensive because of…too many buildings? You have to see his answer to believe it.
“Ron DeSantis’ latest answer on health care makes one thing obvious–DeSantis is way out of his depth in this campaign,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “This is just the latest in a long string of DeSantis’ harebrained plans for health care. First, he told uninsured cancer patients to just ‘show up at the emergency room’ and now he’s claiming the number of buildings is driving up costs. Floridians deserve a governor who actually has a plan for their health care, like expanding Medicaid to the thousands of uninsured Floridians.”
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“Health care is really the only area where if you go to a building on one side of the street a procedure may cost 5,000 and if you go two blocks the other way the same thing could cost 17,000. It makes no sense.”