Ron DeSantis Features Pastor with “Antisemitic Views” in Campaign Ad

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A new report from Forward exposes Ron DeSantis for featuring a Christian nationalist pastor, Larry Jinks, with a history of making antisemitic comments in a campaign ad.

The report adds that DeSantis approached the pastor who had “shamed Jews for not converting to Christianity.”

Jink’s inflammatory, offensive comments towards Jewish people also include saying “it’s a shame that the Jews, who should know better, reject their own Messiah.” He also advocated against unity between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, saying, “we are called to be at odds with any religion that does not acknowledge Jesus as the Prince of Peace and the only way to the Father.”

Choosing to feature an antisemitic pastor in a campaign ad is the latest of DeSantis’ ties to antisemites. DeSantis also ignored criticism from Florida Jewish leaders and stumped for anti-semite sympathizer Doug Mastriano, who has embraced Christian nationalists, and spouts antisemitic dog whistles.

“Instead of once again embracing anti-Semites, Ron DeSantis should take down his ad and condemn these dangerous attacks on Jewish people,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Whether it’s associating with anti-Semites, forcibly relocating migrant families as a cheap political stunt, or attacking anyone who disagrees with him, DeSantis doesn’t care about working families, or Florida values — he only cares about advancing his own political agenda.”