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Ron DeSantis Dragging Down Florida’s Republican Ticket

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In the final five weeks of the campaign, Ron DeSantis is seeing his fellow Republicans slowly back away from Donald Trump, and thus, his strategy of a doubling down on a full bearhug.
As the Washington Post reported, DeSantis continues to embrace the unpopular President (and his unpopular policies) at every turn. However, Florida Republicans want little to do with the DeSantis playbook, distancing themselves from a clearly losing strategy.
DeSantis has moved on from a primary where he campaigned to an audience of one to now catering only to the Trump base. The problem with running a campaign focused on fringe, far-right supporters is clear–everyday Floridians just don’t want to hear what DeSantis has to say.
It’s no wonder Florida Republicans think DeSantis’ strategy is a losing one. His floundering campaign has been shaped by racially charged statements, his association with far right activists, and a health care plan that sends Floridians to the emergency room.
Even Florida Republicans think Ron DeSantis’ campaign is a losing one, and they are steering clear,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “DeSantis has let his inner Trump shine bright and it’s failed him miserably. Being Trump’s mini-me isn’t what Floridians want–they deserve a governor with a real vision, expanding health care coverage for Florida families and investing in Florida’s public schools.”