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Rolling Stone: “Washington Gov Candidate Touts Endorsement From Sheriff Who Said ‘Ex-Wives Should Be Killed’”

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Rolling Stone: “Washington Gov Candidate Touts Endorsement From Sheriff Who Said ‘Ex-Wives Should Be Killed’”

Reichert’s campaign “did not address a question about whether Nowels’ endorsement undermines the candidate’s messaging on crime and domestic violence, given the sheriff’s past comments.”

A shocking new report from Rolling Stone reveals that candidate for governor and former U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert not only touted the endorsement of a local sheriff who was previously “suspended for advocating domestic violence,” but has also refused to rescind this endorsement.

According to Rolling Stone, Spokane County Sheriff John Nowels “appeared in a campaign video of sheriffs from around the state explaining why they back Reichert.” In 2019, Nowels suggested that “ex-wives should be killed,” referring to a situation with a deputy who was “unable to work because his ex-wife, amid a contentious custody battle, had filed a domestic violence protection order against him.” Of the deputy’s ex-wife, Nowels said “you know, somebody should just kill her.” 

“Domestic violence harms Washington families every day, and it is never an issue that should be joked about or taken lightly. These comments made by Dave Reichert’s ally – and his refusal to renounce this endorsement – are a disgrace,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Reichert must reject the endorsement of John Nowels immediately, and every day he fails to do so further proves why he is not fit to be Washington’s next governor.”

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