Rolling Stone: Oregon Gov Candidate Betsy Johnson Is a “Machine-Gun Toting Darling of GOP Megadonors”

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“Johnson is not a middle-of-the-road politician.”

New reporting from Rolling Stone is exposing unaffiliated candidate for Oregon governor Betsy Johnson for her extreme far-right agenda, writing she is a “machine-gun toting darling of GOP megadonors” who is “not a middle-of-the-road politician.” 

As outlined by Rolling Stone, Johnson’s toxic extremism includes receiving an A-rating from the NRA and serving as a “surefire vote against gun control,” courting the endorsement of extremist groups, and refusing to release her tax returns — just like Donald Trump.

Johnson isn’t the only far-right candidate on the ballot for governor. Republican candidate Christine Drazan is a “pro-Trump, pro-life Republican.”

Here’s the latest from Rolling Stone on Betsy Johnson: 

  • “She calls herself ‘the people’s candidate,’ but she is not of the people, economically; she is a multimillionaire heiress of a timber fortune, as well as a legacy politician…”
  • “Taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook, Johnson is refusing to make her tax returns public…”
  • “Johnson recently lamented to The New York Times: ‘You can see the deterioration of the beautiful City of Roses, now the city of roaches.’Critics who don’t share Johnson’s political views heard that language as dehumanizing people in crisis.”
  • “As a state senator, Johnson received both an A rating and an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. In Salem, Johnson was a surefire vote against gun control…”
  • “Johnson didn’t shy away from this group, riven with extremists. To the contrary, she soon accepted an award from Timber Unity, and she joined them with a broad smile on her face on the statehouse steps when they staged a similar protest in 2020…One of the leaders of Timber Unity, Angelita Sanchez, reportedly went on to participate in the events of Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol. She recently posted on Facebook that she’s kept in touch with Johnson…”
  • “Johnson’s campaign is only relevant because of the enormous war chest she’s built with the help of executives and CEOs from across the state. These are the same folks she’s vowed to keep on speed dial — a rather extreme form of loyalty.”