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Roll The Tape: Mark Robinson Caught in Yet Another Lie About His Extreme Agenda

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Roll The Tape: Mark Robinson Caught in Yet Another Lie About His Extreme Agenda

NBC: “Two Republican candidates in North Carolina’s race for governor condemned the front-runner”

As North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson catches intensifying heat for his long record of extremism and hateful rhetoric, he is once again trying to lie to North Carolinians about the stances he’s taken and the things he’s said.

After coming under national scrutiny for proposing to arrest transgender people over bathroom use and suggesting they should “find a corner outside somewhere” — raising the specter of North Carolina’s notorious “bathroom bill” that was projected to cost the state billions of dollars and thousands of jobs —  Robinson went on America’s Voice News to try and clean up the mess he made for himself.

During the interview, Robinson tried and failed to rewrite his record by attacking the press and claiming that “not only do they misquote me, they get it completely wrong” and “that is not what I said.” Unfortunately for Robinson, video from the event shows otherwise:

This is not the first time that Robinson has tried to to mislead North Carolina voters about his dangerous agenda — just last month he bragged that he’s “just changed…what I’m saying” but stands by his past pledge to “pass a bill saying you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.”

Robinson’s comments also launched another round of GOP infighting, with his primary opponents Dale Folwell and Bill Graham calling him out as “history’s latest example of someone rising to power through hate” and warning that he stands to “wreck GOP chances” of winning in November.

“Rather than own his toxic agenda of wanting to drag North Carolina back to the days of HB2, Mark Robinson is once again lying to North Carolinians,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Voters see right through Robinson’s latest attempt to rewrite history and know they can’t afford his extremism in the governor’s office.”