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Roger Marshall Says Derek Schmidt has Endorsement from Sam Brownback

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In a Derek Schmidt campaign event, Sen. Roger Marshall spilled the beans on Schmidt’s endorsement from Sam Brownback. Marshall referred to former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer as “one of the two living governors that supports Derek Schmidt.” Marshall is clearly talking about Sam Brownback, since every other living former governor – including Republicans who Schmidt used to work for – has endorsed Laura Kelly.

It’s no surprise that Sam Brownback would support Derek Schmidt; Schmidt has been Brownback’s biggest defender, even as Brownback underfunded public schools. Schmidt even argued the state didn’t need to balance the budget, claiming, “if you read the letter of the law…it doesn’t say there has to be a balanced budget.

Schmidt also stood by Brownback as he stole from the state’s highway fund, robbing taxpayer funds meant for vital infrastructure projects to repair broken roads and bridges.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Of course Sam Brownback would endorse Derek Schmidt because he knows Schmidt would carry the torch for the same failed policies that hurt Kansas families. The only question now is why is Derek Schmidt so afraid to talk about it?”