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Rock Bottom: Parson’s Pathetic Pandemic Performance Polls Poorly – Again

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Poll Shows Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Ranks 48th Out of 50 Governors 

A SurveyMonkey/Washington Post-Ipsos poll ranked GOP Missouri Gov. Mike Parson 48th out of 50 governors. This comes after a Microsoft News poll from early March ranked Parson 49th out of 50 governors.
Parson’s pandemic response has been ridiculed by Missouri editorial boards, public health officials, and business leaders across the state. His stay at home order was criticized for being too lenient to be truly effective, and he continues to stand his ground on resisting Medicaid expansion, which would give hundreds of thousands of Missourians the chance to get health care.
Even members of his own party are over Parson’s lackluster response. Former GOP Gov. Eric Greitens teased his own challenge to Parson when he accidentally declared his intentions on a newly launched website last night. 
“Mike Parson’s polling is a reflection of his poor handling of the pandemic and his lack of concern for Missourians,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “While his constituents lose their jobs and their health care, Parson continues to stand his ground on resisting Medicaid expansion – forcing rural hospitals to close by refusing billions of dollars in federal aid. Even Republicans are suspicious of his priorities.”