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Richest Member of Congress, Greg Gianforte Donates $250,000 To Fully Cement Role As Creature of the Swamp

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Gianforte Has Invested Nearly Five Times More To Elect National Republicans Than He Has In Montana

Congress’ richest member and New Jerseyan, Greg Gianforte, today donated a whopping $250,000 to the National Republican Campaign Committee, making clear his priorities lie not with Montana families but with the pay-to-play culture of the D.C. swamp.
Gianforte has now donated over $600,000 of his personal fortune, earned in part by enabling clients to outsource jobs overseas, to what Donald Trump famously branded as the swamp.
“Greg Gianforte has made it clear his priorities are in the D.C. swamp, not with the Montana families he is supposed to represent,” said DGA National Press Secretary, Jerusalem Demsas. “Fewer than three years in D.C. and he has now donated nearly five times the amount of his personal fortune to the D.C. swamp than he has electing Republicans in Montana, an unsurprising statistic for Jersey Gianforte.”