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Richard Irvin Tries to Erase Record

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Website of Irvin’s Law Firm that Advertised Violent Criminal Defense Expertise Goes Blank

Richard Irvin may claim he’s “tough on crime” but for 15 years, he advertised his law firm to the very individuals he claims to want behind bars. The Richard C. Irvin & Associates’ website, which was registered in 2006, suddenly went dark last night. So what is Irvin trying to erase from his record?

Maybe it’s his use of language that downplays the severity of domestic violence, blaming it on how “emotions can run hot” or “tempers can flare,” or how his “Aurora domestic violence attorneys will zealously defend” the rights of violent abusers.

Or Irvin’s direct appeal to violent offenders like burglars, armed robbers, and home invaders.

It could be his defense of abusive and neglectful parents.

Or maybe it is how he brazenly advertised his five years as a prosecutor as the reason he can “craft effective defense strategies?”

Irvin has a lot to hide in his record, so he erased the whole thing — just like he erased his past support of Gov. JB Pritzker, history of voting in Democratic primaries, and former support for public health mandates.

“Like every other part of his platform, Richard Irvin’s ‘tough on crime’ attitude is a campaign illusion,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Irvin wants to hide his history of defending domestic abusers and other violent criminals because he knows it’ll hinder his political aspirations — but we have the receipts. Try as he may, Irvin can’t erase his horrible record on crime.”