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Richard Irvin Slams GOP Opponents Over Questions He Won’t Answer Himself

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Radio Silent Richard Irvin still hasn’t answered who he voted for in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped him from slamming opponents for their voting history.

In a new ad, Irvin casts GOP primary opponent Darren Bailey as a supporter of President Joe Biden, even though Irvin himself has failed to answer who he voted for in 2020 or presidential elections prior — despite being asked repeatedly by reporters.

This ad comes just a week after Irvin released another hypocritical ad, which slammed Bailey and Jesse Sullivan as supporters of Biden and former President Barack Obama.

Irvin has congratulated and praised Biden, and he’s pulled Democratic ballots numerous times, saying it was “our vote” that made history in electing Obama.

“Richard Irvin continues to ramp up his hypocrisy and lies in this new ad,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Irvin says true conservatives don’t vote for Biden — so he should be able to answer yes or no whether he did.”