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Richard Irvin Flops in Interviews as IL GOP Primary Gets Messier

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Reporters Roast Irvin for Continuing to Refuse to Answer Questions

In a new episode of the Chicago Way podcast, hosts John Kass and Jeff Carlin slammed Richard Irvin for running from reporters for weeks and his catastrophic failures in recent interviews where he dodged questions on Trump and abortion.

Listen here at the 8:15 and 15:20 minute marks.

“There’s always a way for — I guess — for somebody with billions of dollars to clean up a candidate,” Kass said, referring to Irvin’s place on Ken Griffin’s Rauner Reboot ticket, “but Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin seems to me to be imploding.”

In an interview with FOX 32, Irvin refused to answer whether he’d allow abortion in the case of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life, saying, “I think we’re done.” “You think we’re done?” said Kass. “Guys, what is going on with this guy Irvin?”

“It seems like he is not ready for the big show,” added Carlin. “I mean, this is the same guy who got — who also got blasted by one of his GOP rivals saying he doesn’t understand the GOP talking points well enough.” 

The criticism also comes amidst reports that Irvin has a “Trump problem” and that the GOP primary will only get nastier as the candidates scramble for far-right support. Irvin appears to be skipping the first Republican forum this weekend, further proving he isn’t ready to go toe-to-toe with his opponents in the primary.

“Richard Irvin still hasn’t learned Ken Griffin’s talking points, and he’s being attacked from all angles for it,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Reporters, his Republican opponents, and Illinoisans demand to know whether Irvin supports Donald Trump, whether he supports a complete ban on abortions, and why he’s running an out-of-touch Rauner Reboot campaign. Irvin better study up because he can’t keep dodging forever.”