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Richard Irvin Dodges Questions About His Campaign, Record in Six-Minute “Presser”

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Richard Irvin finally talked to the press he’s been running from in a rare six-minute “presser” yesterday, but his q&a session didn’t glean any new information. Instead, Irvin continued as he has in the two months since entering the race by dodging and refusing to answer important questions.

Radio Silent Richard refused to answer the yes or no question of whether he voted for Donald Trump, and he wouldn’t explain why he voted in Democratic primaries in 2014, 2016, and 2020.

At the same time, Irvin is escalating GOP infighting by running ads hitting Darren Bailey for his 2008 primary ballot.

Irvin also failed to explain his record of defending violent criminals during his years as a private defense attorney. “Asked why his ads promote his work as a prosecutor but fail to mention defending people accused of the kind of crimes he says he’s tough on,” Politico reported, Irvin “swerved” and rambled.

The list of ducks and dodges doesn’t end there, however. Irvin even side-stepped whether he’s received advisors, advice, or other cooperation from megadonor Ken Griffin, who brought Illinois one of the worst governors in history and is now making Irvin the face of his Rauner Reboot campaign.

“After running from the press for two months, Richard Irvin spent his first six-minute presser dodging their questions,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Irvin’s silence speaks volumes. He doesn’t want Illinoisans to know about his long record of political flip-flopping or representing violent criminals for profit or that he’s working with the same people who brought about Bruce Rauner’s disastrous governorship.”