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Richard Irvin Abandons Downstate Voters in Final Primary Campaign Stretch

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In a stunning snub to downstate voters, Richard Irvin has stopped running ads outside of the Chicago media market. Time and time again, Irvin has made clear he wouldn’t be a governor for all of Illinois, and this latest move solidifies that.

Irvin’s campaign is in free fall, with polling showing him down to far-right conservative Darren Bailey. For weeks, Irvin has been scrambling to course-correct his disastrous campaign, but with Bruce Rauner’s advisors at the helm, his train wreck of a candidacy is likely beyond repair.

As Irvin courts the furthest right wing of the party, lauds President Trump’s policies, and tries to court Bailey voters, it’s clear that Irvin’s lack of conviction isn’t resonating. His numerous policy flip-flops, failure to be honest about his record, and decision to write off millions of voters are just the latest moves in a series of failures from the Rauner Reboot candidate.

Ken Griffin’s $50 million can only go so far, as it is hard to prop up a candidate that lacks a backbone to begin with.

“Richard Irvin’s decision to abandon downstate voters reaffirms that he isn’t running to represent all Illinoisans,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “This is just the latest in a long string of missteps proving the Irvin campaign is completely out-of-touch and falling apart as Darren Bailey surges in the polls. If this is how he campaigns, how will he govern?”