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Rhode Island Republican Rumble: Morgan Calls out Fung for Ducking Key Issues

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The Republican primary in Rhode Island continued to its race to the right today as Minority Leader Patricia Morgan took a swing at Allan Fung for hiding from Rhode Islanders on key issues – notably his refusal to take a position on guns.
While gun safety is hardly the only issue where he has refused to comment or make his position known, Fung’s silence here is particularly obvious given Governor Gina Raimondo’s leadership on the issue and Morgan’s outspoken opposition to gun violence prevention. Last year, Morgan even voted to allow convicted domestic abusers to own firearms.
Morgan said  “For years, Mayor Fung has been attempting to either play both sides of nearly every issue or simply refuse to comment…The issue here is we don’t even know what we are getting from Allan Fung, because he hides his opinions on the important issues of the day.”