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DGA Statement On RGA's Defensive Play In Georgia

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With Polls Showing Carter In Dead Heat With Deal, RGA Forced To Go On TV In The Deep South

“A major DGA recruitment victory, the strength and energy of Jason Carter’s campaign, and Nathan Deal’s decades of unethical conduct in office and abandonment of public education have combined to put the RGA on defense in the deep South. This development is crystal-clear evidence that voters all across the country are rejecting Republican governors’ records of rewarding the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class and their fraudulent ‘reformer’ rhetoric. The map of vulnerable GOP governors continues to grow, and today we’ve learned that even the RGA knows it.”–Danny Kanner, DGA Communications Director
Here’s the story:
Nathan Deal is getting some backup in race against Jason Carter
By Greg Bluestein
Gov. Nathan Deal’s re-election campaign is getting some heavy-duty backup.
The Republican Governor’s Association has snapped up blocks of advertising in metro Atlanta to bolster Deal’s run against Democrat Jason Carter. Only a few of the reports have so far posted, but we’re told group is investing significant dollars in the incumbent’s campaign.
It comes as a wave of polls show a tight race between Deal and Carter, a state senator who is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter. One of the latest, from the GOP-leaning Rasmussen Reports, put Carter at 48 percent to Deal’s 41 percent.
The governor’s campaign has already unleashed a few of its own feel-good TV spots and Deal said Tuesday he’s not too worried about what the polls are showing this early in the campaign. As we noted in a Sunday takeout of the race, June to November can be a geological era in politics.
“I am very pleased with the response I’m getting as I go around the state of Georgia,” Deal said. “And we’re going to work harder between now and November.”