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RGA Scrambles to Cover for Brian Kemp’s Refusal to Support Abrams’ Call to Extend Gas Tax Suspension

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The RGA is scrambling to cover for Brian Kemp, as he refuses to act on Stacey Abrams’ call to suspend the gas tax through the end of the year. Abrams is calling for an extension of the gas tax suspension through the end of the year to give working Georgians stability and relief.

Thanks to the Democratic-passed American Rescue Plan, Georgia has the funds to fully extend the gas tax suspension through the end of 2022.  Rather than support it, Brian Kemp’s only advice to families is, “it can only last for so long.”

This comes as Axios reported that “Stacey Abrams has challenged Gov. Brian Kemp to continue suspending the state gas tax through the end of the year, after Kemp opted to suspend it through mid-July.”

Meanwhile, in addition to her plan to give Georgians relief from rising costs, Stacey Abrams is “laser-focused” on Medicaid expansion, which would

cover at least 400,000 more Georgians in need of health coverage.

“While Brian Kemp plays politics, leaving Georgians high and dry, Stacey Abrams is focused on delivering real results,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Unlike Kemp, she has a plan to give working families relief from rising costs and put more money in Georgians’ wallets. That’s the kind of leadership Georgians deserve from their governor.”