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RGA On Louisiana: “We’ll see who else gets in.”

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When Politico asked the Republican Governors Association’s new Executive Director about the current state of the Republican primary, his response can only be described as the verbal equivalent of a “shruggie” emoji. When asked about contested primaries, Dave Rexrode replied, “We’ll see who else gets in.”
It’s no wonder. After the organization’s top picks to run for the nomination both passed, they are left with two candidates who aren’t exactly inspiring confidence.
Ralph Abraham is under intense scrutiny over breaking his promise to donate his congressional salary to sick children and wounded veterans. He has still not provided proof he actually donated his first term salary, and despite attempts to move the goalposts on his commitment, he still hasn’t explained why he decided to renege on his campaign pledge.
Eddie Rispone seems to want to run on the return to Bobby Jindal’s failed policies that brought the state to the brink and threatened to shut down schools and universities.
“Republicans aren’t happy with who they have running for governor, and they’re making it known,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Pining for fresh faces isn’t going to solve their problem. Every candidate wants to return to the Jindal years when the budget was left in disarray, hundreds of thousands were denied healthcare, and schools didn’t have the funding they needed. That formula failed before, and it will fail again.”