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RGA Misfires in Michigan & Humiliates Snyder in the Process

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TV Ad Attacks Schauer For Bill That GOP Gov Signed 
Yesterday, the Republican Governors Association launched another attack ad against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. The spot hit Schauer for a 2002 vote on a bipartisan bill that was signed by the state’s Republican governor and then extended by their own candidate, Governor Rick Snyder. Click HERE for Snyder’s 2011 press release touting the very program at issue.
The results of the Michigan misfire haven’t been pretty. The Snyder campaign has basically pretended that they’ve never heard of the RGA, and the organization’s spokesman “was not available by phone and did not immediately respond to an email” seeking an explanation for their embarrassing hypocrisy.
It’s not the first time the RGA has been caught running absurd ads. In South Carolina, they attacked Vincent Sheheen for having the same position as their Chair Chris Christie and seven other Republican governors on expanded access to health care.
Here’s a sample of the coverage of the RGA’s misfire that has put Rick Snyder in an awful position:
MLive: “The Republican Governors Association released what it called a ‘new attack ad’ on Wednesday, criticizing Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer for a 2002 state House vote that imposed a new per-bed fee on nursing homes. The only problem?  The ‘Medicaid Quality Assurance Assessment Program’ was backed by Republican Gov. John Engler, won bipartisan support in the state Legislature and was later extended by Gov. Rick Snyder, who Schauer is challenging.”
The Macomb Daily: “The Republican Governors Association took aim at Rick Snyder’s Democratic opponent on health care issues, but the result was a need for RGA medical assistance – for shooting themselves in the foot.”
The Detroit News: “With friends like the Republican Governors Association, fellow GOP Gov. Rick Snyder might wonder if he needs a few more enemies. […] The biapartisan legislation was signed into law by GOP Gov. John Engler and was extended by Snyder in a 2011 bill signing.”
Gongwer News Service: “[…] the RGA was actually attacking Mr. Snyder. . . . Mr. Schauer did vote yes on the legislation on May 1, 2002. But so did 91 other members of the Republican-led House […]”
Eclectablog: “They are attacking Mark Schauer over a law he supported 12 years ago and was extended just three years ago by a Republican governor via a bill introduced by a Republican legislator.”
Daily Kos: “Indeed, the original legislation passed with broad bipartisan support, and it was signed into law by another Republican governor, John Engler. So a group devoted to electing Republican governors is attacking a program supported by Republican governors—and one that brings in more money for the state, no less.”