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RGA Loses Top Recruit in CT-GOV

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Senate Leader Len Fasano Rules Out A Run

Today the RGA lost another top recruit, this time in Connecticut. Senate Republican leader Len Fasano announced that he would not enter the race for governor:
Senate Republican leader Len Fasano of North Haven said Wednesday he will not join the crowded field of Republicans in the open race for governor in 2018, simplifying life at the Capitol should his House GOP counterpart decide to run.
Fasano would have been a stronger candidate than the field of GOP B-teamers that currently includes Mark Lauretti, David Walker, and Tim Herbst, who all lost their respective statewide bids in 2014.
With Donald Trump’s popularity hitting new lows nationally, it’s no surprise top Republicans are sitting this cycle out.
“This is another recruiting failure for the Republican Governors Association in Connecticut,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Right now, the GOP field is a potpourri of failed candidates and no-name challengers. Leader Fasano’s decision today is clear evidence that Donald Trump is weighing down Republicans in Connecticut.”