RGA Leads the Charge to Ban Abortion Nationwide

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The RGA is ground-zero for Republicans’ extreme plan to rip away a woman’s right to choose — and they’re counting on Republican governors to carry out their plan to ban abortion.

As Lindsay Graham unveils new abortion restrictions in the U.S. Senate, new reporting reveals the RGA is convening governors and top anti-abortion groups on how to implement draconian restrictions at the state level, effectively instituting a national abortion ban.

Former GOP Gov. Chris Christie — an RGA senior leader and key strategic advisor to Republican governors across the country — teamed up with leading anti-abortion extremist and head of the far-right Susan B. Anthony List Marjorie Dannenfelser at an RGA meeting last year. Since then, Christie and Dannenfelser have schemed with GOP governors behind closed doors on how they can restrict abortion in a post-Roe America.

The Washington Post reports that Christie and Dannefelser have spoken to “at least eight Republican governors,” and “Dannenfelser has spoken with many more [Republican] governors on her own — at least 22 in total.” 

How far are they plotting to go? The primary goals of Dannenfelser and the Susan B. Anthony List show the extent of their extreme plans to restrict choice and other freedoms:

  • SBA List supported a constitutional amendment to ban legal abortion and several of the most common forms of birth control.
  • Dannenfelser has said that her “perfect abortion bill” would ban abortion without exceptions for rape or incest. She even called exceptions for rape survivors “abominable.”

The RGA is plotting to ban abortion in every state. Dannenfelser even emphasized how important the conversations were, “especially with governors who are in purple-y type states,” making it clear that the RGA’s top priority is to undo protections for reproductive rights in states where they’re currently in place.

DGA Deputy Executive Director Wendi Wallace release the following statement on the RGA’s leading role in the fight against reproductive rights:

“Are the Republican governors and gubernatorial candidates on board with the RGA’s strategy to ban abortion? These GOP governors working with the RGA are teaming up with the nation’s biggest anti-choice extremists to ban abortion. Whether it’s in a red, blue, or purple state, women’s reproductive rights are under attack from the RGA. They won’t stop until they’ve carried out their plot to ban abortion nationwide.”